KOO JEONG A, still from OUSSS, 2024. Video, colour, 30:00. Courtesy the artist and Anna Lena Films. Co-produced by The Vega Foundation.

OUSSS is a 3D film project developed between 2014 and 2022 in collaboration with producer Anna Lena Vaney, which centres around the glow-in-the-dark skatepark OTRO, created by the artist on Vassivière Island in Beaumont-du-Lac, France. With its unique, bowl-like curvatures connected by three tunnels, this 2300-square foot phosphorescent structure is inspired by the sinuous forms of a lake shore, allowing its users to skate across a human-made landscape, becoming a part of its natural surroundings.

The skatepark is a protagonist in this new work, forming part of KOO’s ever-expanding term “OUSSS” which they have used since the 1990s. “OUSSS” can be a root, affix, stem, and suffix, as well as a term in and of itself; suggestive of an enigmatic and morphing movement, signalling matter and energy existing within the cracks of our universe. The film takes a journey through various forms, with shots of curved hills, mountains, valleys, and grasslands contrasted with the luminous otherworldliness of the OTRO skatepark. Through the film, KOO continues their interest in conjuring alternative realities within the material of everyday life.